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North America

A cruise to North America knows no bounds. The USA and Canada have it all - from lively cosmopolitan cities, to hot sandy beaches, rolling hills to vast deserts, a rich history of prominent figures and a melting pot of wonderfully varied cuisine.

To the northeast of the country, you’ll find the atmospheric New York City with its bustling streets, yellow taxi cabs and towering skyscrapers. Head further down the east coast and you’ll reach Miami – one of the world’s busiest cruise ports. With beautiful white sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters and exotic palm trees, you’ll feel more like you’re on a tropical island than in America. It is also worth visiting the southeast coast, which is home to the lively city of New Orleans. On every corner you’ll find live musicians playing jazz and blues, as well as plenty of great markets offering locally produced jewellery, crafts and artwork. Over on the west coast lies the city of angels, Los Angeles, which is buzzing with celebrities, movie sets, and the famous Hollywood sign. Here you can hike up into the hills and enjoy the stunning city views or stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see how many famous names you can spot.

You will also adore cruising through Canada's Atlantic coast, where you can discover charming Quebec. Westside, you'll love the cosmopolitan ports of Vancouver and Victoria in stunning British Columbia. Let’s not forget about Halifax, which is the world's second-largest natural harbour and boasts an extensive network of walking trails that extend from the waterfront.

So, whatever you want to do, chances are you will find it in North America.