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World Cruise

World Cruise

There is no better way to discover the many wonders of the world than with a world cruise. Set sail across oceans and experience different continents, countries, and cultures.

The world is literally your oyster and you can do and see everything and anything from island hopping in the Pacific, to enjoying tantalizing cuisines in South East Asia.

You can experience the most interactive history lesson in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, or marvel at the bright lights of New York.

Booking a world cruise often means travelling up to six months if it suits. The option to join part way is also available and several varied itineraries exist to meet your every need. Choose from a whole host of shorter world cruises and discover destinations you had only dreamed of. Popular routes include travelling to and from Southampton to Singapore, Dubai or Cape Town.

Whenever flights to long haul destinations are required to places such as Hong Kong, Mumbai, or Sydney, then cruise passengers can often take the opportunity to book a couple of nights in a hotel. This provides ample opportunity to explore fascinating destinations both before and after a cruise.