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Buckle up for the time of your life when you enjoy the best of both worlds during an unforgettable trip that combines a luxurious beach getaway and a glitzy city break.  Choose to stay either 7 or
From only £1,906.00
Beijing the modern capital of China is home to imperial palaces, serene temples, traditional hutongs and gateway to the majestic Great Wall of China. Immerse yourself in Beijing’s sights and sounds
From only £1,189.00
Discover the magic of China in this wonderful seven night tour of Beijing and Xi’an, encapsulating the modern and ancient attractions both cities have to offer. Start your tour in the wonderful
From only £1,799.00
Discover why exploring China feels like travelling through a hundred different landscapes, when you embark on this mammoth 10-day tour. You will see neon cities, remote villages, smoky markets,
From only £2,199.00
Come on and explore the charms of China - where old meets new and there is adventure at every turn. Tick many buckets lists goals off your checklist as you stroll along the Great Wall of China, see
From only £2,819.00
Enjoy the best of what China has to offer on this ‘City & Skiing Tour’.  Your adventure will start in Hong Kong where you can explore the futuristic skyscrapers that make up its iconic skyline,
From only £2,248.00
Hold on tight for an amazing ride full of adventure, cultural insights, and delicious food when you jet off to China.  Spend 10 fun-packed days travelling from Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, where you
From only £2,079.00
Experience China from both the land and river on this trip of a lifetime. You will spot temple-topped mountains, quaint villages, bustling towns and cities as well as ancient landmarks as you spend
From only £2,339.00
Get ready to be awe inspired when you explore the breath-taking beauty of China. You will embark on a classic 9-day tour, where you will enjoy moments of peace in historic temple, be wowed by The
From only £3,109.00
Prepare to be dazzled by the stunning sights and sounds of China as you explore its big cities. You will spend 11-days traveling through Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai , and Chengdu. Be wowed by the
From only £2,264.00
Trek past a simmering volcano, enjoy the peace inside tranquil temples, witness the glamour of geisha girls and get up close to majestic deer. Yes, these really are just some of the amazing
From only £1,999.00
Explore the best that the Far East has to offer on this epic 10-day getaway through China, Japan and South Korea. Your adventure will start in Beijing, China where you will visit many historical
From only £2,499.00
Uncover China’s highlights in this spectacular Ten Day Holiday, starting your journey in Beijing with tours of the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China. Your tour continues to the UNESCO
From only £1,959.00
Discover magical Korea & Japan Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto & Seoul 9 days/7 nights (5 nights Japan/2 nights Korea) Prices from £2219 per person includes flights, transfers, hotel accommodation &
From only £1,699.00
Peel back the many fascinating layers of China as you explore the ancient capital of Beijing, historic Xian and naturally beautiful Chengdu. Enjoy a moment of  peace in historic temples, be wowed
From only £2,819.00
Prepare to be blown away by the beautiful sights and sounds of China as you explore its three major cities - Beijing, Xian, and Chengdu. You will be wowed by the architecture, famous temples,
From only £1,739.00
Discover the joy of exploring different landscapes in one country when you embark on this mammoth 10-day tour through China. You will see neon cities, remote villages, smoky markets, ancient
From only £2,399.00
You will have triple the fun when you jet off to China and explore it’s three major cities. Savour the vibrant colours, cuisine and culture of this majestic country when you spend 9-days travelling
From only £2,499.00